anti aging guide

your definitive guide to the natural aging process

Skin care, botox, dermal fillers, RF micro-needling... the list goes on.


These are all procedures we have heard of and are told help us retain our youth. 

But why do we age and how do the products we recommend actually work to turn back time.

As medical professionals we believe the patient should fully understand what aesthetic treatments are available  how they work and why we recommend them.

Let's start with the natural aging process.

The first thing is aging is natural, it happens to everyone and that's ok. 

As aesthetic practitioners, we also understand that retaining youth can help make us feel good in ourselves. This can be good for our wellbeing & confidence

However we also need to recognise when someone may start to feel overly anxious or depressed about their appearance and take aesthetics too far. It can become an obsession.


We want you remain looking natural with a few tweakments

4 things change / affect us over time


2. skeleton

3. volume loss

4. sun damage


As skin ages, the following physiological effects occur in the skin.

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Flattening of the dermal-epidermal junction

This leads to decreased sebum production and reduction in oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the lower layers of the epidermis.

Leads to dry skin and poor absorption of product

Chemical Peel & Rf Micro-needling can help get products deep into skin.


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Decreased cell turnover

Slower cellular renewal results in dull, uneven skin tones. 

Chemical Peels &  RF micro needling can increase your skin's turnover to reveal a brighter younger looking complexion.

Vitamin C products are great at instant brightening.

Exfoliating products also increase cell turnover.

Retinol or Tretinoin - Vitamin A - will stimulate cell turover and increase collagen production.

Irregular pigmentation


As a result of sun damage and aging, skin becomes irregular in colour and sun spots are more common. This is caused by increased melanin production in your skin. It is made naturally to protect from UV damage. Regular use of SPF limits this reaction. Everyone should use SPF daily.

Transformation skin care such as Obagi Nuderm or Alumier IntelliBrightEvenTone suppress the melanin production. Active ingredients such as hydroquinone & arbutus are examples that suppress production.

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Reduction in collagen and elastin

This happens from as young as your 20’s! Skin becomes saggier and softer. Collagen is the structural support for skin giving it its strength and plumpness. Lack of collagen leads to wrinkles. Botox helps relax your muscles to soften dynamic wrinkles. Dermal Fillers and Sunekos are made of Hyaluronic Acid and can mimic collagen replacement..

Elastin gives your skin that bounce back feeling when you pinch yourself. Rf micro-needling & Medical-grade Skincare stimulates your own elastin and collagen formation.


The skeleton is our structural matrix. Our bones provide strength, volume and angles for our skin, muscles and fascia. 

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As we age our skull begins to lose bone and therefore definition. The skin which was previously supported then sags and we get increased tissue laxity

Along with gravity, this effect leads to the “falling face”, creating jowls, sagging undereye areas and sunken, hollowed cheeks and eyes




The temporal (temples )and orbital (eye) bones are one of the first areas to show volume loss.


Our brow bones appear to protrude, while our brows tend to sag, our eyes become sunken, and our temples look hollow and vascular

As the mid-face (cheek, under eye and nose) region loses volume, nasolabial folds (nose-lip line) become more pronounced, as well as hollowed cheeks.


The skin on the face is less supported, begins to fall and leads to jowls. From the side your cheeks are not as rounded, prominent and high as they are in youth. 

The jawbone also resorbs, which again contributes to jowls, but also to a narrowed lower face and poor definition.


The marionette lines (lip-chin line) are often affected by jaw bone reduction. 

Dermal filler help replace lost bone and well as Rf-microneedling and skin care which stimulate collagen production. This helps compensate for the loss. 


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As explained in the skeleton section of this guide, loss of bony support structures contribute to skin sagging.


This is further enhanced by the breakdown of facial fat pads, which reduce in size, and begin to fall




Ligaments which hold such structures in place in the face loosen over time, to create that sagging and drooping appearance.


These ligaments are formed of collagen and elastin and other structures which good skincare can help reform and protect

You may notice the fat “falling” from the cheeks into the jowls, fatty or puffy undereye bags and a flattened profile.

Eye products with caffeine can reduces this puffiness. Dermal fillers can replace fat. Rf micro-needling & home skin care can stimulate your own collagen synthesis.


An early area of volume loss is the lips. They begin to curl in on themselves as the volume depletes, this reduces the structure for the skin around the lips and combined with expression, kissing, drinking through straws and smoking, we develop smokers lines.

Adding volume here is desirable in even our youngest of patients, as full lips are commonly seen as a sign of youth. This is why we offer lip filler.


Take a look at our Alumier MD and OBAGI collections to see how these factors are targeted.