1. fat loss and body sculpting


+ muscle growth (up to 16%)

+ non invasive 

+ fat loss (up to 19%)

This treatment is not just for aesthetic concerns. The Emsculpt machine can help you recover from injury, support the spine and core, strength and tone. It can aid in the repairing of diastasis recti after pregnancy. 

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+ cellulite removal 

+ fat reduction 

+ skin tightening 

+ body contouring

This treatment is your one-stop shop for body contouring. With different systems to target different areas of concern we can create a plan most suitable for your needs.

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fat dissolving injections

+ a targeted way to remove stubborn pockets of fat, both in the chin and in the body.

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2. skin treatments

For a full list of skin treatments, have a look at our skin treatments page: 

We can target: 

+ pigmentation 

+ skin lesions (warts, moles, verrucas)

+ thread veins 

+ skin tightening 

+ tattoo removal 

3. hair removal

We use TrilogyICE laser from 3D Aesthetics. 

This laser has three different wavelengths which means that we can target all skin colours and hair colours effectively. 

The procedure is comfortable due to the cooling effect of the tip designed to maximise painless treatment.

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We all know we don't do our Kegel exercises enough. Now we have an easy solution. 

A few sessions on our Powerform V chair is enough to improve pelvic floor strength. 

It also aids with some erectile dysfunction concerns. Completely painless, bring a book with you and have some me-time.

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