Dissolve your filler

If you have had lip or dermal filler and you want to remove it, you can. We offer a dissolving filler service. We use hyaluronidase (also known as hyalase). This is the reversal agent for hyaluronic acid.


It in an enzyme which is very similar to bee and wasp venom. Therefore if you ever have allergic reactions to these stings, it is imperative you let us know beforehand. 


We will always perform a patch test before treating you with this product, due to risk of allergy as highlighted above. 


The procedure is much like having filler itself. You will be topically numbed, and the reversal agent is injected where the filler is sitting or where it may have migrated to.  It is very common to swell a lot from hyalase treatment, so bear this in mind, as you should ensure you have a couple of days without any important events immediately afterwards.

To know more or to book in, select dissolving from the online booking tab.