Filler is priced on how much product you need. For subtle changes to the lips or small touch ups you can start with 0.5mL.

For a more noticeable difference, we would suggest 1mL to begin. We use only the best filler brands (our favourites are Teoxane and Juvederm and Restylane) to ensure your results are natural and beautifully integrated with your skin  and muscles.

Your injector will be able to discuss with you in detail which filler they have chosen for you and why. We can use both needle and cannula methods, and we also have dental anaesthesia available if you are concerned about comfort. We always allow time for topical numbing cream to be applied before we treat you in any situation.

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Dermal filler:

For many of these areas we use a cannula for treatment. 

Please note that when treating the face, 1mL will not give a very noticeable result in most cases, as a general rule we suggest starting with 2mL.

anti-wrinkle treatment

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Botox to the forehead is licensed treatment of botulinum toxin. You will need a consultation first to discuss all your options for wrinkle treatments. The forehead is divided into three treatment areas. The forehead itself (with those horizontal lines when you raise your eyebrows), your frown lines (also called the 11's), and your crow's feet (around your eyes). 

Male Botox prices are higher because men often need more product to fully relax their muscles due to natural differences in strength and size.

Have a look at our "One Year of Botox" packages to help save money on your treatments.

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