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The most popular and commonly filled area in today’s society. 

Lip filler can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like. 

Filler also provides hydration to the lips, making them pink and shiny and less chapped. 

Youthful, attractive lips are often full of volume and structure, and stand proud rather than beginning to “sink in” which happens with age. 

We use different types of lip fillers to get different results, so we will always discuss your options with you here. 


Smokers lines:

This treatment can be combined with botulinum toxin in the area. Those annoying small “barcode” lines which lead to lipstick leaking and an unattractive pout and be filled and smoothed with filler. 


Nose-mouth lines:

Also known as nasolabial lines. They can accentuate a “miserable” appearance. 

More often than not however, these lines are caused by a loss of cheek volume. Try gently lifting your cheeks and you will notice these lines soften. 

Don’t be surprised if we recommend cheek filler instead of filler directly into your nasolabial lines, as the treatment may be more effective for you in the long term. 


Marionette lines run from the corners of the mouth to the chin, and also can benefit from filler rejuvenation. We may need to support the chin, jaw and lips to really help this area as well.