Luxury manicure

Basque in the tranquility that is Aesthetica Medical Spa. You will leave feeling relaxed and as special as your are. 

Not just a manicure. Sip your bubbly, lie back and relax whilst you enjoy world-renowned brand new luxury nail technology ‘Nails by Mii’ with outstanding service and results. A focus not just on aesthetic but on keeping your hands and nails healthy, supple and strong.

Your Manicure Experience

1.  Drink of choice;

     Fizz, Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea, Hot chocolate.

2.  Hot Towel Cleanse

3.  Hot Chocolate Paraffin Peel

4.  Indian Head Massage 

5.  Deep cleanse of hands and nails 

6.  Exfoliation with glycolic acid

7.  Nail vitamin infusion

8.  Professional  painting with Gels or Paint



Flowers and Nails
Blue Nails on Green