A comprehensive laser device that offers a solution for the removal of unwanted tattoos across a wide spectrum of ink colours.


The 3D Nanosure uses a dual wavelength laser with Q-switching application to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted dark and multi-coloured tattoos.



The laser technology  to carry out not only tattoo removal treatments, but also benign pigmented lesion removal, skin rejuvenation in addition to carbon facials.



Tattoo Removal


Dual wavelength technology


Uses Q-switching to remove tattoos safely and without scarring 


Removes 95% of tattoos


Suitable for skin types 1-5


Can treat most areas of the body


Precision application due to adjustable spot size


Results visible after just one treatment and will improve throughout course duration



Carbon Facial

Removes dead skin cells, blackheads and oil


Instant brightening effect


Reduces pore size


Suitable for most skin types


Can be performed monthly or as a one off treatment


Can be used to treat the face, neck and decollete


Skin Rejuvenation


Used to treat dryness, rough texture and dullness


Can be performed as a one-off treatment or used monthly


Can be used to treat the face, neck and decollete


Suitable for skin types 1-5


Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal

Suitable for removing moles, age spots and sun damage


Precision application due to adjustable spot size


Treat for a maximum of 3 monthly sessions


The go-to laser for most tattoo removal practitioners is a ND:Yag laser such as 3D Nanosure because it can produce the most versatile wavelengths. The 1064nm wavelength is the powerhouse for treating black, blue and other dark colours while the 532nm wavelength effectively removes red, orange, pink and other bright colours. These two powerful wavelengths work together to completely remove 95% of tattoos.


Successful tattoo removal is best used with a Q-switch laser – this procedure is the production of powerful nano second light pulses that shatters tattoo ink without harming the surrounding tissue. The nano second delivery gives a better result of tattoo removal as a longer delivery of pulses can leave a negative image of the tattoo after the treatment course.

The Q-switch laser is delivered over the tattoo, following the design and the energy is selectively absorbed by the colour (chromophore) in the tattoo. This creates heat and shatters the ink into tiny particles. The body’s immune system then picks up these shattered particles and takes them through the lymphatic system over the following days and weeks, causing fading of the tattoo.


The clinical end point is the tattoo ink turning white – these white spots will fade within approximately 2 days resulting in reduced visibility of the tattoo after every treatment.