obagi medical skin care

The entire Obagi Collection available at Aesthetica Medical Spa

Obagi Medical is one of the leading Medical grade skin care brands available. Being a Medical brand, many of its products are prescription only and require a medical practitioner trained in Obagi to dispense it for you. The prescription products work on a cellular level: meaning they get deep into your skin to actually make a difference. It is essential to have a skin care consultation in order for you to get the best Obagi product for your individual needs. The Obagi product range feel great on your skin and get you real results.


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Daily use of SPF is essential for everyone. It must be applied even when its not sunny. The AAD advise SPF must be of factor 30 or above and must protect from UVA & UB rays.

Obagi offer a range of sun protection systems to suit your individual needs. 




The amazing chemical peel from Obagi, uses Salicylic acid to work on the top layers of the skin to reveal younger brighter looking skin. Perfect to reboot your skin if you have uneven skin tone, lack of radiance, post acne discolouration, large pore size. More effective with a series of 6 peels 2-4 weeks apart.



Hydrators are important in dry, normal, oily and combination skin types. In oily skin, 'good oils' can actually replace or counteract the 'bad' oils that are overproduced in the skin. When skin dehydrates more sebum is made which increase your breakout risk. Obagi has a range of hydrators to suit your skins needs.



Obagi 360 is the perfect everyday introductory system for someone who wants minimal commitment to a skin care regime. It is particularly good for the younger patient and when you are on budget. It helps with a dull complexion, with uneven texture, visible pores. The added retinol will help address your fine lines and wrinkles.


OBAGI Retinol & Tretinoin

Retinol & Tretinoin is Vitamin A. It has anti-aging properties and when combined with a good skin care regime will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tretinoin is prescription only and can also be used for acne. If you have never used tretinoin before, start with retinol and build up tolerance.



specialist system for adults who suffer from mild- moderate acne. This three product system includes two prescription products therefore a skin consultation is essential. Can also be used for those who wish to prevent future breakouts and control sebum or just open pores. Water based Hydrators and SPF should be added to the system separately. Retinoids can also be added.



Boost the production of Elastin. Elastin is made in the body and allows the tissues to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. It helps return skin to its original position when poked or pinched. To help fine lines and wrinkles, under eye puffiness, and bring back the bounce back of your skin. There are 4 products in the range. They help the eye area or face and neck.


OBAGI Professional C-portfolio  

Suitable for most people, the range makes use of Vitamin C to bring anti-oxidant package to Obagi. For patients with visible signs of aging caused by environmental stress, appearance of photo aging, uneven and dull skin tone and offers protection from further damage. The microdermabrasion polish mask leaves skin feeling softer and smoother for days after use. The C serums can help reduce the side effects of tretinoin.


OBAGI C-Systems  

The early intervention system that can tackle mild - moderate hyperpigmentation. More cost effective than Nu-derm. Also helps with uneven skin tone, rough skin, fine lines and wrinkle. Also comes in prescription and non-prescription formulations


OBAGI Nu-Derm 

This is the ultimate collection.

Suitable for nearly every skin-type, it is an all-encompassing system to target all common skin complaints. 


With both prescription and non prescription options. Nu-derm is the choice to target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation , melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, skin laxity and acne. An exceptional system that is proven to giver younger, fresher, healthier looking skin.