We love staying in the game, learning the latest techniques and keeping updated on the world of aesthetics. 

We cast a critical eye over the ever-expanding product line and choose our favourites.

continued training and development

We want you to feel as good as you look when you're in our care. We will guide you through your entire journey of facial rejuvenation making it all stress free and feel good.

outstanding service

We don't do duck lips

We believe you can achieve your desired look by assessing your features anatomically and aesthetically.

natural results with medical precision

We don't want bad results. We don't want unpredictability or worry. We ensure our products and techniques are proven to work.

evidence based practice

We only use FDA approved CE marked products. We only stock from recognised pharmacies and use established brands.

highest quality product 

We understand you can be nervous before a treatment, finding parking shouldn't add to this. Park on site so you can leave as comfortably as you arrived

free on-site parking

Your face deserves the best. You wouldn't want a dirty treatment room at your dentist so why would you at your medical spa?

highest hygiene standards