People are scared of dentists right?

Why would you electively come to see us for your facial aesthetics treatments?


- Dentists train for 5 years in university, in not only dental but also a multitude of medical conditions that can impact overall health and facial management. We have a deep understanding of facial anatomy including nerves, muscles and bones.

Medical model:

- Dentists follow a medical model of treatment. This means we are trained to look for a diagnosis, and trained to recognise when we cannot give a proper diagnosis and when to refer for a second opinion. The medical model and the dental standards and code of management of conditions is in an ethical and non-invasive way wherever possible.


- Dentists can privately prescribe as long as they are trained and insured to do so. This means that in cases of emergency, or adverse reaction, we can prescribe the correct medication needed, so that you can be reassured and followed up by the people who treated you in the first place.

Aesthetic Skills:

- Dentists have been trained to recognise facial beauty and how teeth and lips can impact the face.

Dentists are trained to be able to provide the least invasive and least amount of treatment needed to have the biggest impact.

Evidence Based:

- Dentists are trained in research, critical thinking and assessment of evidence. We prioritise the use of high-quality materials with a long safety record. We like to ensure we only provide treatments which have clinical backing.


- We pride ourselves on being professional. We have standards as dentists that we work to, and we carry this over into our aesthetic treatments as well.

Anxiety - Management:

- We know you're nervous, we deal with anxieties all day long. We are friendly and helpful people, and we want you to know we want to do the best for you and give you the best treatment for your needs.

Medical history taking:

- Dentists have a good understanding of medical conditions, and how these can impact your healing, your risk of infection and your bleeding risk.

We hope this has inspired you to pay us a visit - come and see us to find out more :)

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