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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, the heart, the lungs, the digestive system and the kidneys have to work much harder and the bones and joints have to cope with the weight gain and postural changes.


Often old aches and pains become worse and this can take a lot of enjoyment out of your time of pregnancy and motherhood.

As well as easing pains in the back, neck, shoulders and hips, our Mother-To-Be massage improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, it relieves tired legs and cramps, minimises stress and fatigue, improves sleep and calms an overly active baby.


Human touch is a powerful tool to support yourself in connecting with the beauty of your changing body, the wisdom of your body, connecting you deeper with your baby and assist you on your new journey into motherhood.

A truly pampering and peaceful experience. 

75 Minutes : £80

Blossom & Bud - Total Pregnancy Pamper

2 Hours 15 Minutes: Massage (60 minutes), facial (30 minutes), pedicure (45 minutes) : £160

The perfect treat for blossoming mothers-to-be.

Treat those tired feet to a delectable luxury pedicure, rest your body with a pregnancy-safe and specific massage, and let us treat your face to whatever it may need in this time of growth.