Toxin is priced on the areas treated: 

- forehead wrinkles

- frown lines (between brows)

- crow's feet

Generally treating all together has the greatest effect, but if you have a problem area we are happy to discuss this.

1 area: 190

2 areas: 240

3 areas: 280

For men, due to stronger musculature and larger muscle areas +100 to the above prices.


Filler is priced on how much product you need. For subtle changes to the lips or small touch ups you can start with 0.5mL.

For a more noticeable difference, we would suggest 1mL to begin.


0.5mL Juvederm Smile: 150

(lips only)

1mL Juvederm Ultra 3: 250

(high quality juvederm, perfectly designed for lip enhancement)

1mL Juvederm Volbella: 280

(softer, most natural results on lips, recommended for around the mouth)


Dermal filler covers the following areas: 

- Temples

- Jawline 

- Chin 

- Cheeks

- Nasolabial folds

- Marionette lines


For many of these areas we use a cannula for treatment. 

We use Teosyl RHA and Juvederm fillers for these places.

1mL = 250

2mL = 400

3mL = 550

4mL = 700

Please note that when treating the jaws and cheeks, 1mL will not give a very noticeable result in most cases, as a general rule we suggest starting with 2mL.

Before your first appointment we will need a consultation where we can discuss what we can offer. The fee for this is £20 which is taken off the cost of treatment should you proceed. 

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