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Luxury RITUALs


Our rituals are an all-encompassing segment of your day, where you can truly lose yourself in the leafy bliss of Aesthetica Medical Spa in the heart of Exeter City Centre. 

They are the perfect treat, gift and experience to completely unwind, for you or a loved one, to remind them of how wonderful you can feel. 

Tropical Leaves

​​Blossom & Bud - Total Pregnancy Pamper

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Massage (60 minutes), facial (30 minutes), pedicure (45 minutes) £160

The perfect treat for blossoming mothers-to-be. Treat those tired feet to a delectable luxury pedicure, rest your body with a pregnancy-safe and specific massage, and let us treat your face to whatever it may need in this time of growth. 

Flower Buds

Flourish & Bloom - Total Indulgence

2 Hours: Massage (60 minutes), facial (60 minutes) £150

For full body indulgence. Choose your massage and your facial, treat your skin, your muscles and your mind to this enriching, rejuvenating and soothing package. Your therapist with guide you on your journey to ultimate relaxation. Be open and discuss how you are feeling to achieve maximum results.

White Flowers

Tips & Roots - Total Relaxation

2 Hours

Facial (60 minutes), Manicure or Pedicure (60 minutes) £150

From the head to the your extremities. This ritual is designed to relax and pamper your most active areas. Our hands and feet and head is in constant use throughout the busy day, let us take the weight off for you. This Ritual will leave you hands or feet in tip top health and beauty.


Shed & Stones - Total Rejuvenation

1 Hour 15 minutes

Dry brush body exfoliation and Hot Stone Massage : £85

For when you want a fresh start. Exfoliate the body to invigorate and refresh your skin, increase circulation to leave it glowing and smoothed. Finish with a hot stone massage to relieve any remaining knots or tight spots, and you'll feel leave feeling utterly renewed.

Hot Stones Massage