Dr Alice Havard, Dentist, BDS

She graduated from Cardiff Dental School with Honours in 2016. She is also registered with the Aesthetic Complications Expert group (ACE group) who spearhead regulated, safe practice of cosmetic medicine.

She and Nick run Aesthetica from Exeter Castle, and also practice dentistry in Exeter.​

She has been working as a dentist for nearly 5 years, and trained in facial aesthetics in 2018 from the Royal College of Medicine on Wimpole Street, London. Alice has undertaken extensive training from multiple training academies in order to perform advanced facial aesthetic treatments.

In her free time, she has always enjoyed portraiture, and years of studying faces both for this hobby and for dentistry has enabled her to be able to appreciate the finer features of facial beauty.

"I truly believe that facial injections are an art, as well as a science."

She's always happy to educate clients and she strives to be always learning to improve her skills.

Take care,

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