From £450

The undereye area is one we nearly all struggle with. 

Lack of volume can make you look tired, stressed, or unwell. 

Tear trough filler then can certainly be a game-changer

However, this treatment is highly patient-specific. This means we will need to assess your skin quality, your dietary habits, your sleeping habits and your hydration levels to ensure we provide you with the right treatment. Tear trough filler is not suitable for everyone

More often than not, we also advise cheek filler to go alongside the tear trough region, or skin boosters before we start the filler. 

This is because the tear trough region is one that is affected by multiple other aspects of your facial makeup. 

If your skin is poor quality (thin, very dry etc) then the filler may not sit naturally under the surface, and so we'd recommend boosting the skin quality first. 

If you have lost cheek volume then this is important to replenish first, because lack of volume in the cheeks will be dragging the area under the eye downwards, worsening the appearance. Sometimes, after some cheek replacement, people find their tear troughs may not even need any filler!

Puffy eyes can be a warning sign when it comes to filler - this normally indicates a poor lymphatic drainage, and filler can exacerbate this appearance. 

There are other treatments available as well though, such as skin boosters, topical skincare ingredients (prescription-only products work the best), and lifestyle and dietary changes. 

To get tailored and personalised advise we highly recommend booking a face-to-face consultation.


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