Advanced thread vein removal using 980nm laser technology to target unwanted thread veins and broken capillaries. Introducing 3D Vasculase, a compact laser device offering an affordable solution for the effective removal of unwanted thread veins – with instant results.

3D Vasculase works by applying a narrow 980nm laser beam to target the vein using a precise application. The red blood cells in the thread veins absorb the laser energy, causing the blood within the vein to heat up, damaging the wall of the vein. This reaction causes the thread vein to close down. Once the vein has closed down, the body absorbs it, causing it to disappear.

Face / Nose

Thread veins are most commonly presented on the face, and can be caused by a number of factors and lifestyle contributions including sun exposure, skin trauma, genetics, pregnancy and alcohol consumption amongst more.

3D Vasculase enables you to offer a quick, safe, and effective treatment for the removal of unwanted thread veins on the face.

Arms / Legs

High impact exercise, along with pregnancy can often contribute to the development of thread veins on the legs. This is extremely common, however for those clients that wish to get rid of their unwanted thread veins, they now can.

3D Vasculase can target unwanted veins in one* quick, easy, and effective treatment.


*Only one treatment is typically required, however, this may vary.

Calves / Ankles

Similar to the legs, thread veins can commonly develop on the ankles which can be simply be down to day-to-day impact, and the natural ageing process.

3D Vasculase is the ideal treatment for targeting unwanted veins in this area.