Skin Lesions

Skin lesions encompass various irregularities on the skin, including moles, cysts, warts, and other growths.

What is:

Skin Lesions

Skin lesions encompass various irregularities on the skin, including moles, cysts, warts, and other growths. These can arise due to factors like genetics, sun exposure, or underlying health conditions. Skin lesions vary in appearance, texture, and size, requiring expert assessment and tailored treatment.

How to Treat: 

Skin Lesions

  • Cryopen: Cryoptherapy to freeze small lesions around the body. The number of sessions varies depending on the size of lesion treated.
  • Targeted Treatments: Aesthetica offers a range of treatments tailored to specific skin lesions, including cryotherapy, These interventions are designed to effectively address and remove various types of lesions.
  • Holistic Approach: The treatment plans at Aesthetica consider individual characteristics, ensuring a personalised approach that may include monitoring moles, using advanced technologies, and providing guidance on lifestyle and nutrition.

Why Aesthetica?

  • Dermatological Expertise: Aesthetica boasts a team of skincare professionals with specialised expertise in identifying and treating diverse skin lesions. However all moles need to be checked by your GP or dermatologist to confirm abscence of skin cancer.
  • Advanced Technologies: Utilising cryotherpay, Aesthetica ensures accurate and effective treatment.
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: Aesthetica provides customised treatment plans, addressing each patient's unique needs and characteristics for optimal results.
  • Safety and Hygiene Standards: Aesthetica prioritises safety, adhering to strict medical protocols, and all procedures are performed by licensed professionals in a clean and safe environment.
  • Positive Client Experiences: Positive testimonials and documented before-and-after results showcase Aesthetica's success in addressing diverse skin lesions, fostering trust among clients.
  • Holistic Skin Health Approach: Aesthetica promotes overall skin health, combining lesion treatment with educational approaches and skincare routines for long-term skin wellness.

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