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History meets harmony at Exeter Castle. Our stunning setting offers complimentary on-site parking and seamlessly blends with modern luxury, creating a unique spa-like experience for medical aesthetics treatments. Discover a haven for beauty and relaxation, within the heart of Exeter.

Meet the Founders:
Alice and Nick - Experts in Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics

With years of experience in dentistry and facial aesthetics, Alice and Nick are dedicated to providing exceptional care and results.


Alice and Nick have honed their craft in dentistry and facial aesthetics, delivering outstanding results.


Driven by their passion, Alice and Nick create an unparalleled experience for Aesthetica Medical Spa clients.


Experience the Perfect Blend of Expertise and Luxury

At Aesthetica, we bring together clinical expertise and a luxurious spa environment to provide you with an exceptional experience. Our team of skilled clinicians prioritize evidence-based procedures to ensure your safety and comfort throughout.

Clinical Expertise You Can Trust

Our founders, Alice and Nick, have years of experience in dentistry and facial aesthetics, making them experts in their field.

Luxurious Ambience for Ultimate Relaxation

Where confidence gets a glow-up, and relaxation goes hand-in-hand with results. Discover the perfect blend of medical aesthetics and spa luxury.

Exceptional Experience Tailored to You

We prioritise your needs and ensure that every visit to Aesthetica is personalised and unforgettable.





Non-Surgical Facelift



Experience the perfect blend of clinical expertise and indulgent serenity at Aesthetica.

Discover the benefits of choosing Aesthetica for your dental and facial aesthetic treatments. Our skilled clinicians prioritise evidence-based procedures, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your experience.

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